Friday, March 9, 2018 from 18:55 to 19:56

▽In old days face like angel…Cat ▽ person and thora▽ recital with a musical instrument dog ▽ vampire cat ▽ hard river of anger face to share a bed! To dog dance ▽ pisu you nursery school of baby ▽ Kasuga and sugo giinu of Hokkaido dog

▽We investigate the truth of world unbelievable picture!
"Contribution patrol SP"
・In old days smile like angel…Cat of anger face
・We discover with Florida! Person and tiger which shares a bed
・Macho dog such as bodybuilder
・Entertainer of NY! Recital with a musical instrument dog
・We were in Japan! Borzoi which sings elegantly
・Sharp cuspid? Dark room is favorite! Vampire cat


▽Baby of rare Japanese dog
Totally white stuffed toy! Baby 3 brothers of Hokkaido dog
▽Hard river! Baby "first meeting" of mini-pork and miniature hose
▽Program mascot dog pisu you! At moving zoo to nursery school!
▽"Dog dance" of Audrey Kasuga and sugo giinu exercise. Set piece is decided this time!


[MC] Audrey (Masayasu Wakabayashi, Toshiaki Kasuga), Aya Omasa
[guest] Yuika Motokariya

Program summary

We release "lovely picture" that wide range of can enjoy "baby of cat and dog" from child to adult in main with a smile very much! Tempo is good and charms with various plans and pictures drawing "we are pretty" of animal! In the corner where performers touch "pet which is popular in the public" more! We are studded with elements which adult including handling, "trivia" and "petit great erudition that we want to tell to person" can enjoy and send program to be able to enjoy in all families to main in imminent "pets".