Friday, March 9, 2018 from 11:40 to 12:40

Please show your rice! ▽Unexplored region bus trip…Nagano, Otari-mura…The terminal has only one? We demand further unexplored region and investigate rice by staff going out together! We discover foreigner in the heart of a mountain? Kanako Kadowaki fights desperately


Kanako Kadowaki

Lunch trip

We walk, but, "rice to eat," as for a lot of gourmet programs to introduce good shop to, what will on earth, actually, what kind of person eat every day? It is manager of beloved wife lunch every day…Early lunch after fishing was over…Meal not to wind up of celebrity shop? It is daring action on "lunch trip" for password in "your rice, please show "real rice" of Japan the inside" expectation at spot!
Furthermore, we create the life and story (drama) of person living there that we let "rice" go through.