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Towards ideal nation, six heroes stand up! Entertainment megaflick which drew the history of the Korea dynasty founding of a country from new angle!
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It is i songe asserting that light, passing does not send dojon, but van Wong moves ha ryun and min Jeh, cho circle sen and others of narikinkan and corners dojon. i songe announces that light ni sends different subject and declares that dojon gets out of all government officials. Meanwhile, Mr. perception dies. i songe leaves the capital immediately, and dojon disappears afterwards, too. Van Wong who learned uneasiness goes to puni to meet without being able to get steps….

◆The cast

 i van won…We enter yu a
 Jun dojon…Kim myommin
 puni…shin segyon
 tanse / i bungee…pyon Johan
 muhyuru…Yoon gyunsan
 i songe…Jun hojin

◆Outline 1

The 14th century of last years of Korai. When i van Wong (we enter yu a) born as five men of famous admiral i songe which settled remote *shu (hamuju) wanted to become strong man like father, we prayed. However, on seeing figure that father succumbed to pressure of great villain, as for the van won, we go down in disappointment and grief.
Meanwhile, public employee jun dojon (Kim myommin) of narikinkan uncovers plot of three branch families of the Tokugawa house leading corrupt bureaucratic i ingyomu in front of the people and prevents light tono war.

◆Outline 2

Jun dojon is sentenced to exile, but van Wong impressed with him enters narikinkan.
Time is --. flow, six years later Van Wong lost both friend and aim, and evil became impoverished for living at the capital which had everything on its way. Van won that witnessed the spot where mystery man kills one of the three branch families of the Tokugawa house in such an occasion follows man and arrives at cave and discovers map not to get used to.

◆Outline 3

<we build new country> We know that there is person with unprecedented will called this and are astonished. It was jun dojon where van Wong looked up to the planner as teacher of heart….

◆The staff

 shin gyonsu
 Kim yonhyon
 paku Ssang yong

◆Korean premiere

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