Friday, March 9, 2018 from 07:05 to 07:30

OHA! Primary schoolchild must see it! Information station, Oha Suta which is clogged up with wakuwaku! Much-talked-about game and hobby, animation…The latest information not to be able to overlook!

▽Super popular band KEYTALK which let you succeed in that Budokan live comes up in studio!
▽Child talks about the true intention of mom! It is mom ventriloquism!
▽... of 2018 memory - parting, in season, let's convey "thank you" to that person!
▽Atomic bomb chin kit!
▽There is the Yo-Kai Watch latest information, too!
▽Great chance that gets Nintendo switch! Until the end of the program without passing over!


[MC] hanachan (Natsuki Hanae)
[regular] Aic nuwara (super new private supplementary school)
[girl] Depths forest May
[guest] KEYTALK (Takemasa Ono, Yoshikatsu Shuto, jichutomosho, Suguru Yagi tree)