Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 09:30 to 10:00

Using piramekirobo [mogurazu V] which can access various people using chattering Zhu bar, age makes carrier…. Others "piramekichokoHeart classroom!"

One day fifth grader, Tomatsu (pine) age obtains mysterious "atomic bomb chin size all sorts of subject".
It caught wish, "we should be able to do such a thing" and was catalogue of dream that produced plastic model "atomic bomb chin kits" which met it! However, 1 part are insufficient when we assemble kit oiza which arrived what it is! Great invention to make every day interesting is going to come out of 1% (ippa) of pirameki again today!

Program summary

"Atomic bomb chin kit" which realizes wish, "we should be able to do such a thing!" Tomatsu age of the fifth grade at an elementary school brings about invention to make every day interesting from 1% (ippa) of only "pirameki"!
At the last of program, we broadcast live-action film part-time job that atomic bomb Japanese spaniels come up. When we find interesting how to play atomic bomb chin kits which appeared for animation and invent custom parts drawing power to have of atomic bomb chin kit more, every time struggles!


Tomatsu age: Miyuki Sawashiro, Pochi low: Yamazaki vanilla, young bird: Eri Suzuki, Ray: Nako Eguchi, ga: Hiroyuki Yoshino hits: Tadokoro Azusa, giba: Minako Kotobuki

Original scenario

[original bill]
[series constitution]
Yoichi Kato

Supervision, direction

Ryuichi Kimura


[opening theme]
"Atomic bomb ☆ chin thyme"


[animation production]
OLM, shinei video
[animation production cooperation]
Synergy SP