Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 18:30 to 19:54

12 regular programs! Hiroiki Ariyoshi of smash hit MC is around one round trip by bicycle in Izu Oshima! From child to the elderly encounter of person and contact once-in-a-lifetime chance of the country…

Paradise "Izu Oshima" of Tokyo where the stage of trip arrives from Chofu Airport in 25 minutes.
Izu Oshima being alias called "paradise of bicycle", and purpose of trip touching with 100 islanders while we do around island one round 45 kilos.
"It was all the performers, hot location in late years to rarely look at after the location…. But we were impressed…"
2 days and 1 night wounded all over when we swore in this.
What kind of trip did it become as expected?


[traveler] In Hiroiki Ariyoshi, Yu Sawabe, Hanada tiger
Islanders whom we met in and Izu Oshima