Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 22:30 to 23:00

Big trouble of modern people, "lack of sleep." Technique of mirai including application and pillow attracts attention while interest increases about "quality of sleep".

Big trouble of modern people, "lack of sleep." The word "sleep debt" is trendy last year, too. Eight hours sleep a day. Though we sleep, it is a waste of a one-third of the life not to mind! Therefore we feature mirai technology concerning "sleep" very much this time! Free of charge application to be able to measure characteristic of own sleep just to put by pillow, and to sleep is appearance! When try, result surprising there…Furthermore, what is application telling until advice to take "good sleep?"


Furthermore, "pillow" which is very important when we sleep. Do you use pillow which matched oneself? Therefore camera sneaks into research institute which can make pillow for exclusive use of oneself! What is true pillow which can sleep soundly?
One action introduces secret of "good sleep" begun on today!


[narrator] harufuteinobori々, Yoko Shimada
[reporter] Emi Ono