Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 11:03 to 13:05

▽Switzerland…We help seven big families of cheese craftsman with 100 yen goods! Goods appearance ▽ U.K. which is useful for rearranging of refrigerator…Survey popular in dormitory for women by young lady school! IMPRESSIVE!…Student repays housemother's kindness!


[we investigate hyakkin in Switzerland]
▼We help woman of "tagesumutta" which can be called personal nursery school in Zurich in hyakkinguzzu!
▼Father adheres to seven big families who are cheese craftsman with capital "Bern"! Trouble of housework only by big family…Of refrigerator that thing overflows 100 yen goods make an outstanding performance to tidying!
As for the recipe of cheese craftsman art handed down directly "cheese fondue" of home Switzerland!

◆The U.K.

[we investigate hyakkin in the U.K.]
▼We conduct a large investigation in town which became stage of Harry Potter! The master is chef! We adhere to wife weak in housework. It is surprise for husband by home cooking first using 100 yen goods in a year!
▼It is infiltrated by dormitory of private educational facility "public school" for women! What is 100 yen stationery which girl student chose? It is makeover with make goods more! Housemother who was taken care of retires…Present handmade with 100 yen goods. Surprise of impression!


Ikue Sakakibara, Akira Hokuto, Riko Higashio, Misako Yasuda
Akiko Kakutani (TV TOKYO announcer)


[broadcast special on Tuesday, February 13 from 6:55 p.m. for two hours!]
When we use 100 yen goods in Greece, Myanmar, Thailand?
▽We help single mother who left daughter for the parents' house of the country of Thailand with 100 yen goods!
▽We want to delight mother! We adhere to Myanmarese model! Others

Program summary

Program to investigate we take "100 yen goods" which Japan is proud of to world countries which have not looked at it yet, and what kind of reacting one local people are. We report on coherence in state to have you actually use thing which you had in your hand unintentionally and thing which you know how to use and were surprised at in house. We are impressed by Japanese idea goods and do surprising how to use unlike conventional use and...It is cheap, and high quality 100 yen goods collect data on state that is helpful for world people.