Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10:30 to 11:00

Find person who wants to meet mother in downtown and person who meet, and wants to tell in something, to origin of of mother! It is document variety representing today's family through "bond of the mother and the child"! MC: Taka and Toshi

It is long-haired boy of pink hair to have jumped into eyes in night Shibuya. We usually worked as care person when we called out and were gentle young man who worked hard at band activity. Mother of such him resembles Angelina Jolie, and it is said that we are young so as to be often mistaken for older sister. To meet mother; to the parents' house of Osaka. Then past unexpected clearly…Famous comic story teller and marriage?


 Taka and Toshi
 *kokuseika (TV TOKYO announcer)

Program summary

We research in mother of curious person going to town! Human document variety to go to find "person who wants to meet mother" or "person who meets mother, and wants to convey something", and to actually meet mother. Through "bond of the mother and the child to be born from thought from child to mother and thought from mother to child," we draw the way of heartwarming contact and Japanese family.