Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 19:54 to 20:54

From Ehime, Uwajima "the Seto Inland Sea!" The 120 kilos charge trip first part toward super superb view unmanned station of rumor! Journey human empathy is full, and there be super yaba, and Lonboo * is dangerous!

We discover guest, Ryo Tamura when we walk while looking at thu of mandarin orange in nine islands of Ehime, Uwajima-shi of start point! In battery of Nuita D, Degawa cutting when we run about for the Matsuyama area across nine Shimane Univ. bridge, and going that * is alone and looks for place charging, and charging in confectionary! "There seems to be school in the Japan's longest corridor ahead," to school. We hear that there is Z-1 (corridor wiping race), and we wipe with a damp cloth, and * confronts children with Degawa,


We compete for thyme! We discover two huge mammoths made of straw in field and are surprised when we go on electric motorcycle earlier. In what we also charge in dekopon farmhouse and encounter, home. We have dekopon and are moved with the sweetness! We finish charge and look for accommodation tonight in Yawatahama-shi. We take shooting permission to mother of turn stand that watched "Bra Tamori" and, toward public bath of founding nearly 103 years taught in accommodation, enter mandarin orange bath.
It continues to next week, conclusion.


Tetsuro Degawa
Ryo Tamura (London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go)
※As for the conclusion, Nana Suzuki comes up at next week

Program summary

"May we charge?" and heart on travel
Is electric motorcycle while asking gentle person; trip
New human empathy to do is reliant; trip. Goal of Tetsuro Degawa
Den "becoming a peer" program!