Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 08:00 to 08:30

"Is it urban legend Robo? Hanako WC advent!"

The new fellow (Buddy) is demon king dragon! The monster + super luxurious casts in history strongest in popular card game animation season as for 4. The new tactics explodes in sequence on fighting stage! Laurels of world number 1, fierce battle around legendary "Mirage card" begin now!
Time to decide world number 1 to rise in various different world (world) that led to the earth top came at last! A fellow school beginning class part sixth grader, non-gate tusk king is informed of that oneself was chosen as dragon world representative of "the world Buddy Masters". King tusk which Saint holy SORD dragon is shown messenger giving the name around, and went out for search for Buddy lets sealed forbidden monster loose.
Demon king dragon Butts where it is afraid of saying that we were about to destroy dragon world once. It is Butts that is not going to listen to another person, but a tusk king believes own perception to fit fellow (Buddy) with Butts and participates in meeting as hooligan. Man, Wisdom who lead group aiming at legendary "Mirage card" given skilled fighters of each world representative and champion. Fight of tusk king and Butts leads to unexpected case before long…!


After obtaining power of "the bestial wickedness sky", fight
But, Butts that is dying to want to do. Class is over
Although kill time by help of made mimonka; raku
chi does not arrive. On the other hand, tusk kings disturb school
Strange nitsu which rises in teiru rumor, men's room
We were and twisted neck. It is Hanako of restroom
We should have come back to ra legend world. Numbness
Butts that ran out of this is fight for ringleader of disturbance
We are going to challenge to this…….


 A non-gate tusk king…Marie Mizuno
 Butts…Rikiya Koyama
 Dragon flame temple task…Soma Saito
 Jack…Hiroki Yasumoto
 daisei*…Shuta Morishima
 We pass through Uki…Mirai Sasaki
 Little panda…Ayaka Saito
 Tiger temple Noboru…Kitta Izumi
 Black whirlpool gaito…Shota Aoi
 Macrocosm kanata…Yuko Sanpei

The original, script

Production total conduct: Takaaki Kitani
Plan, original bill: Bushiroad Shogakukan
The original: Bushiroad Mitsuhisa Tamura / Shogakukan
Comics serialization: "Monthly CoroCoro Comic" Mitsuhisa Tamura


[OP] "Buddy fight X Buddy fighter" words: Kazushi Miyakoda, composition: *eimohikotodenwashi, arrangement: *eimohiko, song: Jun Shirota
[ED] "B.O.F" words: Ko Nakamura, composition: DAIGO, arrangement: takukenshoten, song: Poppin' Party (Kasumi Toyama (cv Manami), flower garden die out (cv Sae Otsuka), Ushigome rimi (cv Nishimoto rimi), city ka taniyusaki (cv Ayasa Ito), Yamabuki sand intricate design (cv Ayaka Ohashi))


Animation producer: shosangohirome
Animation production: OLM, XEBEC
Supervision: Shigetaka Ikeda
Production: Television Aichi, DENTSU, OLM

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