Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 25:15 to 25:45

Up-and-coming unit bed inn for women produces Johnny's A.B.C-Z under the theme of kite ru bubble now from last year! Koji Tamaki, Koji Kikkawa, Eisaku Yoshida…The world that is vav Lee that 2 go-around is new!

Johnny's physical education society system group A.B.C-Z storms TV Tokyo Saturday late at night variety obi!
"Letter of challenge from audience…gachinko confrontation!" "Who is fool? Quiz survival"
"Johnny's first ○○ which senior does not do? "etc…There are full of plans of pardon pear TV Tokyo quality! Do you do it to “ here? We always challenge any "thing seriously, and charm of A.B.C-Z is variety to explode.


A. B.C-Z (Ryosuke Hashimoto, Shota Tozuka, Ikuto Kawai, Koichi Goseki, Ryoichi Tsukada)
Arco & peace
Bed in