Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 07:30 to 08:00

"Miracle of Hel MOS"

As for the game that became the winner of battle city, memory warms card of three pieces of God over sealed lithograph. Carved seal of puzzle begins to emit light for 1,000 years on lithograph to go along with card, but, at moment whether seal is solved, lithograph freezes suddenly. At the same time, duerumonsutazu becomes substance in all parts of the world and falls into panic state.
Furthermore, games are robbed of their card of God by mystery men who give their "dormer"….


Jonouchi in the predominantly disadvantageous situation does not understand how to use of "nail of Hel MOS" which we obtained. "Thyme magic" that let you let you fuse with "magician of time" and appear is unreliable look. Furthermore, we fitted in giga cyber and were going to attack, but number of unknown meaning only appeared and has gone out plainly. Games are shocked…. Does miracle happen to Jonouchi of desperate situation?


 Muto game: Shunsuke Kazama
 Alien from sea lion shallows: Kenjiro Tsuda
 Katsuya Jonouchi: Hiroki Takahashi
 Kyoko Masaki: Maki Saito
 Honda Hiroto: Takayuki Kondo
 Sea lion mokuba: Junko Takeuchi

Original scenario

[the original] The Kazuki Takahashi studio dice
[series constitution] Shin Yoshida
[script] Akemi Omode, Suzuki Yasuyuki

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Kunihisa Sugishima


[opening music]
 Song: Yuichi Ikuzawa
[ending music]
"Feelings to overflow do not stop"
 Song: Yuichi Ikuzawa


[production] TV TOKYO, NAS
[animation production] gyaroppu