Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 15:00 to 16:00

[Kyoto] It is 11R capital stake race especially 10R Lake Biwa
[Kokura] 10R Mt. Sefuri is special, and 11R mast mountain is special

On the held first day, it is full of special plans for three days! At first Miho toresen infiltration coverage is special! From jockey of expectation to animal trainer, it is full of inside stories to listen to only by program this year! Attention is Maine, Kyoto, capital stake race (OP). Recently, as for the horse which won here including dasshingubureizu and red Allion, and became big prize winning horse! Information is plentiful and sends the big prize prospects on Sunday!
◆2 ground holding (Kyoto, Kokura)
◆All the laces during program broadcast are LIVE!


Shinji Saito (jungle pocket), Ami, Shibata
Ryoma Hara, Soichi Yoshizawa, toraishiko (Tokyo sports), Shunsuke Toyoshima (Sports Hochi), captain Watanabe
[person of live broadcast]
Yoshihiko Yano, Kazuya Masuda (TV TOKYO announcer), Ryusuke Itagaki (TV TOKYO announcer), Nozawa Kasuga (TV TOKYO announcer)