Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 17:30 to 18:00

We introduce "yaen fishing" at oval squid! We use live horse mackerel for bait.

We send horse mackerel to the points which squid seems to hide itself behind and let you hold. However, lower long line is not on then. Cuttlefish preys on horse mackerel absorbedly and puts "yaen" into place where wariness faded! With yaen, it is fishing tackle such as arrow with lower long line to wire. We hang yaen to fishing line like ropeway and we let you come at the last minute and put oval squid. yaen fishing is the fishing method different from anything.
Angler is expert Keitaro Oka of yaen fishing. And it is Miho Akimaru of yaen beginner. On the first day of the fishing line, is hit by record cold wave nationwide, morning temperature is -1 degree Celsius. But "temperature shows Oka of 100 training smile saying only negative burn feeling is plus!". Akimaru of yaen fishing beginner learns the basics to Oka and lets horse mackerel of bait swim. Then suddenly line!
Oval squid held horse mackerel! Akimaru "is dangerous! Dangerous! How in to panic state. As for hotchpotch, the exchanges of squid before putting yaen, thrill is plentiful! 30 minutes when fun of yaen fishing was jam-packed! Don't miss it!


 Keitaro Oka
 Miho Akimaru


*There is news of present wonderful last of program.