Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 08:30 to 09:00

A lot of wonders of world nature! "Wow!" 30 minutes when (surprise) was jam-packed! It is shimajirouno TV show to be able to enjoy in parent and child.


"Do you like Valentine? We do not like"
Boys who were earlier take chocolate and are delighted when called by park even if we do and join. When it becomes own turn before long and depends on pleasure, tamasaburouga appears suddenly and receives shimajirouno chocolate instead. shimajirouha does not get one chocolate after all and we are depressed and arrive in house road….

Corner introduction

While putting nature in motif, "social" "cross-cultural" "cognitive education" "natural" "music" theme of six of "dance", "wow!" We send (surprise) to cut end.


[appearance of voice]
Omi Minami Miki Takahashi Takumi Yamazaki Masami Suzuki

The original, script


Supervision, direction

[animation part]
 Supervision Hiroshi Kawamata
 CGI director Hiroki Sugimoto
[live-action film part]
 General direction Isamu Hirabayashi
 Plan direction Teppei Eriguchi, Eri Asahi
 Art director Ken Murakami
 Adviser Kinnya Okamoto, Mika Kunii

Opening music

"Miracle of our airing"
Words Isamu Hirabayashi, Mika Kunii
Composition Kawashima is possible
uta DaudiJoseph
Music producer Katsuya Yamada (love mark)

Ending music

"Friend nowao!"
Words PUFFY, Takkyu Ishino
Composition Takkyu Ishino
Music production Ki/oon Music Inc.
Music general produce
Sony Music Direct(Japan) Inc.


[production cooperation] kodomocharenji
[animation production] Answer studio
[live-action film part production] DASH
[production] TV setouchi
    Benesse Corp.