Friday, December 8, 2017 from 24:52 to 25:23

The Masora Takasugi & Shono Hayama W lead! Cool intellectuals, inland sea and person easily elated by praise or flattery, Seto. Though two high school students of Kansai merely "only talk in riverbed in after school," kusu and laughable, heartwarming youth comedy

High school student, naikaiso (Masora Takasugi) and Seto small luck (Shono Hayama) of Kansai develop; is three talks after school.
(1)Yankee (Kaito Yoshimura) of blond hair duck's ass appeared in riverbed and sat on stairs silently. Talk of two people who are clear more in chaos space of fear!
(2)With new confrontation that symmetric man, Tanaka (Yuki Morinaga) suggests? Expectations of the heart beauty (Tomoki Katayama) to change in the back….
(3)Kashimura (seiharaka*) and balloon (Yoshida Carlos) gathering in riverbed stand. As for the story, wind and cloud admits of no delay!


 naikaiso…Masora Takasugi
 Seto small luck…Shono Hayama
 Kashimura lifespan…seiharaka*
 Shinji Tanaka…Yuki Morinaga
 The heart beauty…Tomoki Katayama
 Riding ground…The Isamu Tanaka up
 Gamo…Takahashi village favor
 Ohashi…Ryuichi Ando
 Tokita (defectiveness)…Kaito Yoshimura
 Balloon…Yoshida Carlos

The original

(AKITA PUBLISHING "separate volume boy champion" serialization)


Univ. of Miyazaki

Supervision, direction

Mitsuru Sugita


[opening theme]
SUPER BEAVER/ "rainbow"
([NOiD] /murffin discs)
[ending theme]
miwa/ "We are the light"
(Sony Music Records)