Friday, December 8, 2017 from 24:12 to 24:52

The Tatsuya Ueda lead! "Shinjuku's best valuer" ascertains the truth! Purpose of Kondo…Key which was found in lighter…All began with cruel case three years ago! Whereabouts of bloom which also disappeared…?

Moon in the water bloom (Ono ito) disappeared. We suppose that Nanase (Tatsuya Ueda) who noticed that bloom regained memory is connected with o*kai. It was Kenta Ono (Tomoya Nakamura) and bookmark (Leo with house) in search of bloom, but cannot catch even clue…. On the other hand, Akito Kondo (Tetsushi Tanaka) who discovered key in writer of bloom sits at locker of back alley. Nanase appears there, and a certain truth becomes clear…
What is purpose of Kondo? What are you looking for? All openings were a certain case happened in three years ago!


 Nanase…Tatsuya Ueda
 Kenta Ono…Tomoya Nakamura
 Moon in the water bloom…Ono ito
 Bookmark…Leo with house
 Jan…Takayuki Suzuki

Performer (2)

 Misaki Kondo…Asuka Kataoka
 Erika Hosho…Maho Nonami
 okoshu…Kyusaku Shimada (recollection)
 Akito Kondo…Tetsushi Tanaka
 Hare's-foot fern…Mari Natsuki

Original scenario

[the original] Product: Moon-viewing Seven Sisters / image: Depths Michinori
    "Shinjuku seven" (Japanese Bungeisha Publishing Co.,Ltd.)
[script] Kiyoto Wada

Supervision, direction

[direction] Masato Fuchigami


[theme song]
"Unfinished answer"
Tatsuya Ueda
(J Storm)
[opening theme]
"montuno feat. Kosuke Saito (UNISON SQUARE GARDEN) of white and black"
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
(cutting edge)