Friday, December 8, 2017 from 27:50 to 28:05

Speaking frankly, though is bad, overwhelming sense of incongruity! Speaking frankly, though is bad, too mysterious program! Speaking frankly, "crab nail" and "kapuchinyan" play an active part sequentially though it is bad!

Martha and honey which work for certain BAR on the outskirts of the town. If hold tongue, "speaking frankly, is bad…Only bad-mouth called "comes out.
Loose variety that these two people act as MC and say "ada" "koda" on seeing VTR.
Character "crab nail" "kapuchinyan" born in forerunner program "daininoare" comes up! Furthermore, nimogo pays attention though, "speaking frankly, original opening music that honey sings with Martha who is left in ear if we listen once is bad"!


[crab nail] Machiko Toyoshima, Yohei Namekawa, Koichi Gomi, Fukushi Ochiai
[kapuchinyan] Yu Terashima, Kenji Akabane

Supervision, direction

[constitution] Takeshi Takemura
[direction] Yasuo Shiroma


[opening theme]
"Speaking frankly, though it is bad"
Song: Martha & honey