Friday, December 8, 2017 from 07:30 to 07:35

Pleasant child magazine to send "kindaterebi" on TV. Animation and song, contents including corner of dance are varied and broadcast.
▽This time is "nekozakana exercises" others


▽"It is boubou boy": #1 "boubou as for me!" Human boy, noruo which pretended ignorance a little well and boubou of slightly meddlesome car. Boubou is the always same as noruo. One day ball has been caught on thu when we were doing jukii and ball play of Jun and shovel car of friend! Boubou transforms itself in such a case; and worth buttocks!
▽"nekozakana exercises:" nekozakanao fee
Let's do pleasant exercises that we made charr.

Program summary

Pleasant child magazine to send "kindaterebi" on TV. FROEBEL-KAN picture book original animation, program original animation, contents including corner of song are varied and broadcast.