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Until one telephone which should have rung at quiet night rings…. Call from mystery man, repeated ringtone, fear to amplify. Guy is there even if he escapes even if we escape…. Surprise chiller!


Camilla bell (Jill)
[voice] Saori Yumiba,
Katie Cassidy (Tiffany)
[voice] Akiko Tanaka,
Brian jierati (Bobby)
[voice] Keiichi Nakagawa,
Tommy Flanagan (alien)
[voice] Minoru Aoyama,
tessa Thompson (scarlet)
[voice] Yumiko Akaike

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Simon waist


[production age / country] 2006 / United States

Story 1

Because Bobby (Brian jierati) of boyfriend had an affair with Tiffany (Katie Cassidy) of friend, Jill (Camilla bell) of high school student quarrelled. Call time for carrying largely exceeds rule by result that had trouble. Jill that one-month cell-phone and driving of car were prohibited by father will work as parttimer of baby-sitter to pay telephone rates. Mende rakee residence of part-time job was mansion fitted with glass built on the out-of-the-way hill.

Story 2

When they arrived, children have already fallen asleep in room on the second floor. In Jill spending one in living of extensive residence after couple went out. We have one telephone there. We thought whether it is prank call of friend of school, but are gradually driven into fear at the start because there is a phone call in timing as if we watch action of Jill. It is revealed that unknown man hung telephone having many times repeatedly before long at all,

Story 3

Jill who became terrible contacts the police to discover criminal. We ask for trace of telephone, but we do not readily do well, and Rosa and others of maid are not, or, as for Jill who came to feel lost, they go to see guest house. However, Jill is cornered mentally because she had telephone from man there. Source that the police succeeded in trace at last, but became thereby clear…….


[special first-run showing opening ending music of the afternoon]
"Escaping The Smokers(Waterworld/Soundtrack Version)" James Newton Howard

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