Mystery that was true (secret)

Friday, December 8, 2017 from 18:55 to 20:50

The special program second which features world thunderbolt! Passenger plane rolled up in storm over Indonesia is both engine shutdowns! In the end of life, captain absolutely challenges miraculous emergency landing! Ground wave first broadcast!

[ground wave first broadcast! Aviation panic of shiver]
The Garuda Indonesian Airways 421st flight was rolled up in huge storm during flight over Indonesia! It is both emergency engine shutdowns more. In the situation that we lose electricity and are hard to steer! Radar does not arrive though we call for emergency landing to control tower and stands alone in turbulence…. 421 flights that continue descending. The situation of desperate situation that does not have airport which can make an emergency landing near by…. Captain entrusted fate of 60 passengers and crew to challenges miraculous emergency landing!
[fear! Diane of medical writer living in surgeon] New York aimed at by stoker woman is beautiful woman, but there is hardly romance experience. To such her turning point…. We were shrewd and met surgeon, Brennan of reputation and fell in love at first sight. He was married person, but she continues approaching and expresses the true character as stoker woman of fear. With harassing telephone as the workplace and home of doctor, we threaten wife and…. Ending of as expected this stoker case?
[we break out of prison for exclusive use of felony!]
In Elmira prison of the United States, exclusive use of person of felony is prison of high alert. Among strong walls more than thickness 1m, it was thought that jailbreaks were absolutely impossible. However, Timothy bail of convict of former architect analyzes structure of prison and hits on a certain strategy. And, in cooperation with convict of fellow, we let jailbreak plan go. With jailbreak plan of transcendence trick which two people planned as expected?
[we go missing in the snowy mountains of severe cold…The miraculous safe return!]
Mike family who did for ski trip in parent and child in resort in northwestern Turkey. However, father and son have greatly come off because of sudden blizzard from safe course of skiing area. Evacuated to cave somehow, but the world always below-zero in there. After going missing; physical strength of one week, father and son in limit…. Furthermore, foot of son suffered from frostbite and lost sense…. Decision that beloved father gave son to as expected? And fate of parent and child?
[mystery hidden by body]
Husband Tom and wife Risa living in United States Florida are loving couples. However, one day we did not get through with Tom going for business trip. In desert zone that the police left several hundred kilos from home when began search body of Tom! Were you killed by somebody? Or were you rolled up in accident? White balloons for some reason also plural near body…. The investigation of body which left many mysteries is still continued, and the truth becomes clear at last…!