Friday, December 8, 2017 from 07:35 to 08:00

We stroll in "town with huge shopping mall" this week! A lot of places that are wonderful around town with large store! We enjoy exoticism and are fully loaded with unrivaled article gourmet who cannot eat if we do not go!

We stroll in American town "Fussa" that wants to be visited for shopping of Christmas season leisurely
◆Visiting shops which are American in "base side street" along Yokota base!
◆It is most suitable for search for present of "rare"! Shop where American antiques of the 1950s form a line
◆Do you want to feed King? Exquisite Mont Blanc cake
◆First Japanese pizza house? It is eating a food with great relish to specialty pizza loved more than 60 years by American!


[traveler] Masayuki Watanabe

Program summary

We visit town becoming topic and stroll in town aimlessly now while touching various people. "Oh,!" we are surprised and "we pass and admire with ...!" and look for mysterious thing and person who want to voice unintentionally. Furthermore, we hear "happiness episode" that we thought to be "shelf a ...!" to person whom we met on the way. Of course it is full of gourmet information only in here, too! To person who got tired in noisy morning, we make one-day opening fun! It is walk program pleasantly.

Broadcast form

There is commentary broadcast