Friday, December 8, 2017 from 12:40 to 13:35

U.S. latest spin-off series of No. 1 popularity series "NCIS navy crime investigation group" is ground wave first broadcast at last! We make Scot buckler the leading role and develop hot drama in the new casts!

Felix Armstrong first prize petty officer falls down suddenly at airport and dies. When pride start the investigation, Armstrong is found to have come by chartered plane behind the back of the military.
On the other hand, man named friend of Armstrong appears with gun with Wade and Danni investigating body in front of Sebastian and requires delivery of body. Lauretta are held hostage….


Pride…Scot buckler (Naoya Uchida)
Chris…Lucas black (Yasuyuki Kase)
Brodie…Zoe McLaren (Junko Minakawa)


Jazz birthplace New Orleans becoming stage is the greatest city in Louisiana downstate. In important harbor city along the Mississippi, New Orleans bureau has jurisdiction over from the Mississippi to steering wheel district in northern Texas.
Chris (Lucas black) that pride (Scot buckler) scouted oneself Dwayne "King" of leader,

STORY continuance

We lead team which assumes Brodie (Zoe McLaren) who started for the new post in the fellows newly from Five Lakes branch office the main force.
New Orleans bureau of atmosphere that team members receive like family, and is cozy. They solve various difficult matter matters by inborn teamwork while getting excellent crowner, cooperation of specialists of computer.