Friday, December 8, 2017 from 21:54 to 22:54

Qualification one action exhibition to be able to earn! ▽Though we have heard, actually, what kind of work is it? Both administrative scrivener & guide-interpreter ▽ dream and money are big catches? Youths aiming at diving person in high school of master of tuna dismantling ▽ Amachan

▼Qualification that new opening & tour guide needs?
▼Popular show! If there is qualification; getting a double advantage
▼It is unrelated to qualification? Girl who is knowledge on a wide variety of subjects king & geek
▼It is come up by "Amachan"! Hole of tiger specialized in moguri


Beat Takeshi, Taichi Kokubun
Hikaru Ijuin, Saya Ichikawa
(※ random order)