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Topic product about bond of lonely "wearing men's clothes girl" and heir assuming fate of one country. Ground wave first broadcast!
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If lah was on, Yong achieved reencounter, but this was trap which Kim phone contrived. Lah tells Yong that being turned on do not look for oneself and escapes from soldiers of pursuer with the aid of byonyon. Afterwards lah being turned on in the position that is framed, and is chased of bestial wickedness criminal. When being turned on seems to leave the capital, Yong hears lah from byonyon and asks for one-time lah when we can want you to meet turning on.

◆#15 continuances

On the other hand, love feeling to being turned on is known to Kim phone of grandfather and, in yunson, is scolded lah….

◆The cast

 i Yong…paku bogomu
 Phone lah on / samunomu…Kim yujon
 Kim yunson…jinyon (B1A4)
 Kim byonyon…kuaku Don Yong

◆Outline 1

Lah on (Kim yujon), also known as samunomu where we were dressed like a man and lived for has made living since childhood as romance consultation family. It would meet partner who was asked for such one day, vicarious writing, and sent love letter, but it was Yong (paku bogomu) who was heir of one country that appeared.
It is success in being turned on leaving Yong to press to reveal social position in pit, and lah not to know so either running away.

◆Outline 2

We are made to be sold to debt collector, and to take official serving at Court examination, but achieve emergency reencounter with Yong there afterwards. Being turned on tries escape awkward lah, but, as for Yong whom we want to take revenge on, lah lets turning on pass official serving at Court. Two people gradually narrow distance with not knowing each other's identity….

◆The staff

 Kim minjon
 imu iejin
 peku sun feces
 Kim yunson

◆Korean premiere

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