Friday, December 8, 2017 from 20:54 to 21:54

Why are you long-distance attending school? To take & commuter pass 270,000 by Shinkansen for round-trip four hours, too…What is reason why 21 years old girl student continues going to? Waterfall & brook appears by garden reform! As for slightly strange vending machine feature

▼Vending machine selling slightly strange product of all over Japan comes up one after another! We promise everlasting love? It is plastic bottle of the repeater series after horse?
▼Surprise! Long-distance attending school! By Shinkansen…By car…Round-trip four hours! Transportation expenses 240,000! Girl student who does her best by long-distance attending school to support family, and to realize dream
▼New plan! In garden reform garden to waterfall! We reform filial devotion of impression by landscape gardening to be able to enjoy until 100 years old!


George Tokoro, Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
Michiko Shimizu, Takahiro Azuma, anjasshu (Kazuya Kojima, Ken Watabe)
[guest] Isoyama sheath
[location reporter] Hide (penalty), Sugi-chan
[narrator] Daisuke Maki

Constitution writer

Hirokazu Yamana, Kurita Yasushi

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