Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 09:30 to 10:00

Extreme popularity entertainers are atomic bomb tto solutions in all thinking in question every day, being worried if said! Experiment, discovery, invention, elucidation…Theme of this, program right "free study!"

Question, wonder, mystery…There were adults like hunter who devoted the life, and performed hunting of "mysterious answer" when we might not know! In the group "atomic bomb tto solution atomic bomb chin Hunter!" Atomic bomb chin Hunter runs to anywhere as far as we may not know! Well, you will go on a trip in search of mysterious answer together, too!


Eiji Kotoge (Viking), Tsukasa Saito (trendy angel), miyazon (ANZEN comic dialogue) others

Program summary

Variety show appearance for families which are totally new in morning of Saturday Zone! Animation team which continues sponsoring the delightful program to children and production team which continues sponsoring the interesting program in the family layer form cooperation tag! One pair of TV TOKYO submits homework of summer vacation of delay this autumn!


[production] See TV TOKYO, Far East call; stand