Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 06:54 to 07:00

Chocolate rabbit performed invitation (sea bream to carry) of by Cruise boat of grandfather. However, misunderstanding of silk cat is opportunity, Cruise boat for uproar?

Spirit friends including girl of chocolate rabbit which is gentle at heart on the stage of natural full Silva near village and longed-for town where dream is filled with and walnut squirrel until the end of are outstanding performances!
Thing and pleasant event to be excited about are full, and daily life is over in no time when with favorite family and friend. Do you not peep at daily life of friends of such Sylvanian Families?


 Child of woman of chocolate rabbit: Atsumi Tanezaki
 Boy of walnut squirrel: Furuki wish
 Child of woman of silk cat: Arisa Date
 Boy of bear: Shimoda Ray
 Father of chocolate rabbit: Kawashima profit love
 Mother of chocolate rabbit: Kana Azumi
 Boy of sima cat: Mountain village sound
 Child of woman of toy poodle: Shiho Kawaragi
 Boy of chocolate rabbit: Yu Serizawa
 The narration: Ayumi Tsunematsu

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Momoko Kamiya


[production] Shogakukan music & digital entertainment