Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 09:00 to 09:30

Fushii appearance Kay got in nebula Zhuang alone boldly. Program of rem is removed, and nebula Zhuang is taken over by Kay. Rick are going to regain nebula Zhuang…?

Fight of ex-ultra soldier and Berri Al was talked about to people of the earth like urban legend, and peaceful days continued. One day monster attacks town, and young man, Asakura Rick who lost place to live in discovers secret base sleeping underground of astronomical observatory. It is told that he became owner of base by AI, rem of base, and Rick entrusted with Gide riser and ultra capsule decides that he transforms himself into ultra man Gide to save people.


 Asakura Rick / ultra man Gide: *denryushin
 Toba raiha: Chihiro Yamamoto
 Fushii appearance Kay: tohenkunito
 Iga chestnut rate: Yuta Ozawa
 aisaki more: chotanikawa*yu
 Rem: Mimori suzuko
 Pegger: Megumi Han
 Ultra man zero: kyuyashinshu

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Koichi Sakamoto et al.


[theme song]
"Proof of GEED"
 Song: Asakura Rick with Voyager
 Words: See six; Sumiyo
 Product arrangement: Kenji Kawai