Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 11:03 to 12:20

▽We help with dream of "19-year-old junior high student" supporting Canada, beautiful woman figure skating girl & Brazil, family of 7 with convenient goods! ▽100 yen goods which curator of Nobel Museum was shocked by?

[★ Brazil]
▽We adhere to 19-year-old junior high student supporting family of 7!
From cleaning to dishes! We help with convenience goods!
[★ Canada]
▽We support girl of figure skater whom we met in Toronto with 100 yen goods!
[★ Sweden]
▽100 yen goods BEST3 where curator of Nobel Museum was shocked by!


[guest] Naomi Matsushima, Megumi Yasu, Yuko Ogura, Mari Sekine (random order)
[progress] Akiko Kakutani (TV TOKYO announcer)


[we broadcast from 6:55 p.m. on Tuesday, November 14]
"hyakkin! When we use 100 yen goods in the world? Mongolian & Singapore two hours SP!
★Mother who supports boy working hard at sumo in Mongolia and the boy in spite of being work. We help with 100 yen goods which we can cook for son of period of rapid growth easily in a short time! ★Main chef of Michelin regular customer shop who let tongue of celebrities howl in Singapore which is celebrity-like country is makeover to unrivaled article dishes using 100 yen gourmet! Others

Program summary

Program to investigate we take "100 yen goods" which Japan is proud of to world countries which have not looked at it yet, and what kind of reacting one local people are. We report on coherence in state to have you actually use thing which you had in your hand unintentionally and thing which you know how to use and were surprised at in house. We are impressed by Japanese idea goods and do surprising how to use unlike conventional use and...It is cheap, and high quality 100 yen goods collect data on state that is helpful for world people.