Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 19:54 to 20:54

Charge motorcycle trip of 160 kilos to aim at kyujitakeshinsha which is famous for course of Fukuoka, light from Hadomisaki of Saga, Karatsu! Conclusion to send this time for three weeks! Guest rider Kazuki Iio & Kurosawa kazuko

In Degawa and Iio who met Masahiro Matsuoka and others entertainer who drank with stand of Fukuoka, Nakasu tasting stand gourmet together! We go to a certain shop where Degawa wanted to take to with him/her afterwards. Degawa asks staff "has Degawa come?" without Degawa knowing in the shop although we came to shop like it whether it is correct answer. We look for accommodation after meal. In guests being replaced early in the morning though we stay at hotel safely. The third day of charge trip is Kurosawa kazukoga guest!


Kurosawa who acquired license for this program runs on electric motorcycle in the rain! President and direct negotiations opposite for Fukuoka to TVQ Kyushu broadcast with the head office. We hit local variety program collecting directly! We charge Dazaifu Tenman-gu Shrine afterwards in arrival, shop of plum ka branch rice cake. We have oyakodon introduced in ad street in restaurant of old folk house nearby. It is running out of battery at 10 kilos until goal when running in rain…Kurosawa of shyness goes to look for charge place!


 Tetsuro Degawa
[guest rider]
 Kazuki Iio (zun),
 Kurosawa wears (Morisanchu)

Program summary

"May we charge?" and heart on travel
Is electric motorcycle while asking gentle person; trip
New human empathy to do is reliant; trip. Goal of Tetsuro Degawa
Den "becoming a peer" program!