Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 08:00 to 08:30

"Power of the reverse sky! ten*ryu Al door tiger!"

The new fellow (Buddy) is demon king dragon! The monster + super luxurious casts in history strongest in popular card game animation season as for 4. The new tactics explodes in sequence on fighting stage! Laurels of world number 1, fierce battle around legendary "Mirage card" begin now!
Time to decide world number 1 to rise in various different world (world) that led to the earth, the top came at last! A fellow school beginning class part sixth grader, non-gate tusk king is informed of that oneself was chosen as dragon world representative of "the world Buddy Masters". King tusk which Saint holy SORD dragon is shown messenger giving the name around, and went out for search for Buddy lets sealed forbidden monster loose.
Demon king dragon Butts where it is afraid of saying that we were about to destroy dragon world once. It is Butts that is not going to listen to another person, but a tusk king believes own perception to fit fellow (Buddy) with Butts and participates in meeting as hooligan. Man, Wisdom who lead group aiming at legendary "Mirage card" given skilled fighters of each world representative and champion. Fight of tusk king and Butts leads to unexpected case before long…!


Cases that monsters suffer in many places of chohigashikyo and act violently occur successively. kanata was desperate persuasion, but but blamed for oneself as a result of fight because Kay Set was not changed. On earth what did past of Kay Set and kanata include?…. In front of kanata which was encouraged by a tusk king, and marched into gurimopaku for rematch with Kay Set, unexpected fighter blocked.


 A non-gate tusk king…Marie Mizuno
 Butts…Rikiya Koyama
 daisei*…Shuta Morishima
 We pass through Uki…Mirai Sasaki
 Little panda…Ayaka Saito
 Tiger temple Noboru…Kitta Izumi
 Black whirlpool gaito…Shota Aoi
 Red-throated loon Gale…Takaya Kuroda
 gurimo…Hitoshi Yanai
 Kay Set of kengi…Arisa Shida

Original scenario

[production total conduct] Takaaki Kitani
[plan, original bill] Bushiroad Shogakukan
[the original] Bushiroad Mitsuhisa Tamura / Shogakukan
[comics serialization] "Monthly CoroCoro Comic" Mitsuhisa Tamura


[OP theme] "Brave Soul Fight!"
Words, composition: Motokiyo, arrangement: Eiji Kawai, song
: Nana greens pal child (CV. Tokui blue sky) & morishi
daisei*yakumorishimashuta) (bushirodomyuji
[ED theme] "Fight for head wind!"
Words: Yuho Iwasato, composition, arrangement: Tomokazu Ni
shiumi, song: Ayana Kinoshita (bushirodomyuji


[animation producer] shosangohirome
[animation production] OLM, XEBEC
[supervision] Shigetaka Ikeda
[production] Television Aichi, DENTSU, OLM