Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 25:15 to 25:45

All the umpires of professional baseball can become? But it is super narrow gate! Legendary judgment is (secret) lecture. In fact, is it OK by own way name action? The world of professional baseball of roar of laughter.

Johnny's physical education society system group A.B.C-Z storms TV Tokyo Saturday late at night variety obi!
"Letter of challenge from audience…gachinko confrontation!" "Who is fool? Quiz survival"
"Johnny's first ○○ which senior does not do? "etc…There are full of plans of pardon pear TV Tokyo quality! Do you do it to “ here? We always challenge any "thing seriously, and charm of A.B.C-Z is variety to explode.


A. B.C-Z (Ryosuke Hashimoto, Shota Tozuka, Ikuto Kawai, Koichi Goseki, Ryoichi Tsukada)
Arco & peace