IINE!(LIKE IT!) [thu gong 25 ": Mind Re"]

Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 05:45 to 06:00

We introduce "Re:Mind" broadcasting from Thursday late at night 1:00 to charm of 46, Keyakizaka becoming the drama first lead while approaching!

The program details

Thu gong 25 "Re:Mind" which we are broadcasting from 1:00 on the middle of the night of every Thursday.
Rising 46, Keyakizaka serves as the drama first lead with product now. Drama which can separate eyes for neither fan of 46, Keyakizaka nor drama fan, audience of mystery enthusiast. We introduce drama wrapped in their charm and mystery.

Episode 5 outline

Girls imprisoned suddenly by unknown Western-style room (46, Keyakizaka). Seven people who butler who put on red bag disappears one again when we ring, and are frightened for fear. Is it this man to have imprisoned them? Meanwhile, man sets the table with drink. Seven people let you trace memory desperately when it is tameno key "remembering" something. It is Twitter account "pure white justice" activity that there is when boiled up to have run into. We realize whether man would gather them for revenge in the people concerned at that time――

Drama information 1

◆Thu gong 25 "Re:Mind" Episode 5
We broadcast from 1:00 on the middle of the night of Thursday, November 16!
[the lead]
46, Keyakizaka
(Mao Iguchi, tide lawn law of nature greens, Megumi Kakizaki, Yuka Kageyama, Shiho Kato, Kyoko Saito, Kumi Sasaki, Mirei Sasaki, Aina Takase, Ayaka Takamoto, Mei Higashimura, Miho Watanabe)

Drama information 2

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