Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 07:30 to 08:00

"Battle city end!"

Game that visited Egypt exhibition of child true field Museum meets ishizu ishutaru which is owner of item for 1,000 years. Lithograph that game and person similar to sea lion were drawn in what was displayed there. ishizu asked sea lion for rare destruction of card seizure group "ghouls", and card of God entrusted with "oshinhei of obelisk". Sea lion announces holding of huge meeting "battle city" using the whole child true Nomachi.


The final of game that entered the final stage vs. Malik. Game can make life point of Malik into 1 point if we attack, but we think that table personality of Malik of sacrifice cannot be worthy and hesitate about attack. rishido serving the whole families of family, gravekeeper of Malik there appears and tells human fate to Malik saying "person must live even if we wander with darkness". Then state of Malik changes, and a part of table personality of Malik made sacrifice makes substance….


 Muto game: Shunsuke Kazama
 Alien from sea lion shallows: Kenjiro Tsuda
 Katsuya Jonouchi: Hiroki Takahashi
 Kyoko Masaki: Maki Saito
 Honda Hiroto: Takayuki Kondo
 Sea lion mokuba: Junko Takeuchi

Original scenario

[the original] The Kazuki Takahashi studio dice
[series constitution] Atsushi Maekawa
[script] Akemi Omode

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Kunihisa Sugishima


[opening music]
 Song: Yuichi Ikuzawa
[ending music]
"Feelings to overflow do not stop"
 Song: Yuichi Ikuzawa


[production] TV TOKYO, NAS
[animation production] gyaroppu