Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 22:00 to 22:30

Burning madder and vermillion that we sink into. What is thought entrusted two red with? We follow the change of self-portrait which two geniuses of premature death left and approach in the vivid life of more than 20 years.

Painter, Kaita Murayama and Shoji Sekine who appeared like comet in the Taisho era. Two people closed the life in 1919 98 years ago. With pagoda tree multi-22 years old, youth of Shoji 20 years old…. As for Kaita Murayama, madder, Shoji Sekine who burnt liked vermillion that they sank into. What was thought entrusted two red with? What was thing which genius of premature death aimed at? We press the truth hidden in self-portrait.


 Kaoru Kobayashi
 Sayaka Kanda


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Nobuyuki Tsujii