We file funny boom of Japan

We file funny boom of Japan
Saturday, July 2, 2016 from 24:20 to 24:50

We break through very much 67 years ago! Ancestor of funny brassiere VS beauty buttocks contest of Lady Gaga ni? ▽Human face fish of fear…We discover descendant! Besides, those five ▽ tea mushrooms are now…It is big boom in Hawaii? The landing in Japan

If thing which people were excited at changes the times, viewpoint changes completely! We introduce past boom that is not thought about with precious picture at the time from the present age and chase now very much.
From the 1960s when telephone booth was free to go out 10 yen…We predict the future when call charge becomes free in "my satellite" of one one very much!


[MC] Peace (Yuji Ayabe, Naoki Matayoshi)