God application @ new century -UP DATE- of Audrey

God application @ new century -UP DATE- of Audrey
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 from 26:10 to 26:40

Information variety to expand your life including recommended popular application and much-talked-about net contents!

We take up information that selected carefully including interesting application and much-talked-about media contents and play thoroughly exhaustively! We publicize interesting point while MC, Audrey dressed like God actually playing application in studio, and introducing how to play net contents definitely! Audience, corner plan to plan interchange with users come up!


[God, Poseidon] Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey) [God, Hermes] Masayasu Wakabayashi (Audrey)
[goddess, Demeter] Natsuki Ikeda
[angel] raburi