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shimajirounowao! "oniosukue!"Closed-captioned broadcasting

Morning of Monday, February 3, 2014 from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.


A lot of wonders of world nature! "Wow!" 30 minutes when (surprise) was jam-packed! It is TV program of island Jiro who can enjoy in parent and child.


  • Story

    Sun of traditional end of winter. Park depontarouto encounters, and island Jiro will compete which can exterminate ogre early. Disguise shitatorippiinoo my father appears to ogre and is going to threaten, but lets island Jiro throw bean daringly, and ogre disperse wonderfully. However, we take, and ogre who came out next is Richard not Goro…….

  • Corner introduction

    While putting nature in motif; "social" "cross-cultural" "cognitive education" "natural" "music" theme of six of "dance", "wow!" We send (surprise) to cut end.

  • Performer

    kuriharakanko, Fukumoto male tree, Ryuichi Miyazaki
    [appearance of voice]
    Omi Minami, Miki Takahashi, Takumi Yamazaki, Saori Sugimoto, Eri Nakao, big tree, Setsu Taniguchi, shuho* which are scared

  • The original, script

    Yutaka Sugiyama (Dentsu)

  • Supervision, direction

    [animation part]
     Supervision Hiroshi Kawamata
     CGI director Tetsuya Hasebe
    [live-action film part]
     Creative director Kinya Okamoto
     General direction Isamu Hirabayashi
     Plan direction Eriguchi Teppei, Eri Asahi
     Plan constitution Mika Kunii
     Art director Takeshi Murakami
     Direction Daisuke Marumoto

  • Opening music

    "Miracle of our airing"
     Words Isamu Hirabayashi, Mika Kunii
     Composition Kawashima is possible
     uta Daudi Joseph
     Music producer Katsuya Yamada (love mark)

  • Ending music

    "Friend nowao!"
     uta PUFFY
     Words PUFFY, Takkyu Ishino
     Composition Takkyu Ishino
     Music production Ki/oon Music Inc.
     Music general produce
         Sony Music Direct(Japan) Inc.

  • Production

    [production cooperation] kodomocharenji
    [animation production] answer studio
    [live-action film part production] DASH demand
    [production] TV setouchi
        Benesse Corp.



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