... which we send luxury of adult to on premium journey - weekend

Evening of Saturday, September 10 4:00

Welcome it is ... to the weekend deluxe

Trip that premium journey ... it comes across "good quality." In the while traveling, special scenery that we cannot get on normal trip and taste and the history and culture wait.
Evening of Sunday, June 12 4:00 
Maki Tamaru Rina Fukazawa
Nature and hotel & of mellow * palm of adult girl
Trip around three major treasures to Toshogu, Nikko
☆It is healed at "passing away three waterfall" which local person does not know by anion
☆Premium room which treated finest hotel, folkcraft "Kanuma member of a group" in shore of Lake Chuzenji
☆Because it is redecorated now, we are seen! Treasure of Toshogu, Nikko!
・・ including mortuary tablet of picture & Ieyasu Tokugawa who appeared from under wall taken off after an interval of 217 years
Yasushi Kataoka Sachimi Ayaka Umeda
Femininity improvement of nowadays girl!
Trip around power spot blessed with the finest sweets and advantageous hotel & good match
☆Skin luster luster natural hot spring! Buffet hotel which can enjoy 80 kinds of menus
☆Limited waffle which Japanese oldest Classic Hotel performed well-established confectionery and collaboration of Belgium of
☆It is ・・ including stroll with bright kimono that Meiji is nostalgic at Nikko Highway