... TV TOKYO first terrestrial digital promotion ambassador, live appearance! ...

From 7:00 to 8:48 broadcast to stop by on Friday, February 27, 2009!

2-hour live broadcasting is special this time!

As terrestrial digital PR plan female announcer of NHK, commercial broadcasting key station, terrestrial digital promotion ambassador Appearance what live in studio!
We challenge popular corner "contribution pet presentation show" and tell about terrestrial digital charm!
Furthermore, daisuke which achieved crossing in the United States by broadcast on 20th returns home, In commemoration of achievement of crossing, daisuke you are studio straight appearance, too. We invite approximately 100 audiences to studio. As for a lot of luxurious guests including older brother, Tsubasa of pet dog, fine weather Taro of Rie Shibata and daisuke!

Theme of this sun right out "challenge!"

・"daisuke you go! Great daisuke you whom we challenged called trip of crossing 5,000 kilos of the United States
・Terrestrial digital ambassador of female announcer of each "contribution pet presentation show" SP station challenges presentation!
・Challenge document plan "one grade" to let own pet learn one art
・Special annual plan "let's play together! I, fine weather Taro others, ...

[performer] Ryuta Mine, Rie Shibata sum rare Saya, Yukihiro Takiguchi, Kimito Totani, Koki Maeda
      Pochi (old English sheep dog), tama (sukotisshu fold)

[guest] Tsutomu Sekine, love that is spring, daisuke (Labrador retriever)
     Hideki Matsumoto, fine weather Taro,

The contents details

○Special feature "Pochi tama one grade"
"Pet dog should have done such a thing" if such "an art is possible…"
Corner where owner who prays so tells pet dog art.
We tell adzuki bean of pet dog, Aki Hoshino "brings newspaper" this time. In limited period,
Can adzuki bean master? It is result by document in follow-up, studio in process of the training
We show this live! Furthermore, as for older brother, Tsubasa of daisuke,
We challenge agility (an obstacle race) with Sho of owner live.
○"daisuke you go! Trip goal of crossing 5,000 kilos of the United States is commemorative!
Goal of trip of crossing in the United States, New York Times square.
It is that person what that we make a goal wonderfully and are merely and are transparent, and was waiting for you! To finish trip, and to be merely, and to be transparent, and to treat you,
Luxurious tour of New York begins…
Furthermore, we release roar of laughter scene of trip of crossing in the United States including unscreened picture very much.
In addition, by interlocking movement data broadcasting of terrestrial digital TV trace of daisukekunno trip
We announce message (future offer start) which all public & audiences gave to!
○"Contribution pet presentation show" SP
Corner that gives presentation with interesting VTR of roar of laughter art, pet of strange habit, audience contribution including the great skill good at.
Aiming at perfect score get from judge (Ryuta Mine, Rie Shibata, guest of host),
Presenter introduces VTR.
As presenter, female announcer of NHK, commercial broadcasting Tokyo key station, "terrestrial digital promotion ambassador" appear on that day.
We give presentation with interesting VTR of pet with terrestrial digital PR in addition! We aim at perfect score and challenge.
○Annual section special for two hours "let's play together! I, fine weather Taro"
Corner that pet dog, fine weather Taro of Shibata goes to doggy suffering from disease and obstacle and encourages.
Dog (gazelle hound), pippinotokorohe which hind leg did not move in accident this time. pippiha,
Using wheelchair, it is said that we challenge Frisbee how…
In addition, fine weather Taro comes over to studio this time.