piramekino second single 8/25 release (there is saliva)
Under photoalbum exhibition! For more information:
CD second release event! Let's do Punch together at the end of summer! Photoalbum

darudaru darling

What soft and fluffy nanda JAPAN

Detailed information (joho) of Dal is this
The details of CD are this
It is this in detail

": on Japanese oak bully Punch shitatteiindayo" "what light: hannyato fruit punch nanda JAPAN"
We record music video and privilege (untie turn) original picture (Eizo) in DVD of "you may love Punch" "soft and fluffy nanda JAPAN" "darudaru darling" with three pieces (we learn and register).

piramekino 2nd single "you may love Punch" CD release event Under "soft and fluffy nanda JAPAN/ darudaru darling in Punch shitatteiindayo /" CD reservation acceptance (yoyakuuketsukechu)!
The details of CD

DVD records original picture including encounter of Punch course and Dal of music video and Pooh and May of TV unlisted full size.

[DVD collecting contents]
1, "you may love Punch" music video (TV unlisted fusaizu)
2, "what soft and fluffy nanda JAPAN" music video (hannya, the fully pop same version)
3, "what soft and fluffy nanda JAPAN" music video (team soft and fluffy version)
4, "darudaru darling" music video (TV unlisted full size)
5, "pirameki exaggerated fork version" music video
It is "all the members meeting version music video pop"
7, "Punch shitatteiindayo *betsukoza of sato Pooh"
Encounter ... of 8, Dal and May - fate
9, piramekiddo OP video

Privilege by lot luxurious to the first production!

[the first enclosure privilege]
・Sticker sheet (all one of two kinds of random enclosure)
・Application privilege lottery ID enclosure
 A prize piramekino program viewing (100)
 B prize piramekinoguzzu lucky bag (100)
 We present portable standby image to all the applicants! (from August 24, 2010 to September 24, 2010)

Under ringing song precedent delivery (do not do so, yes, brass)!

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[downloading careful]
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    (docomo has need to have "teretomobairu for free member" enroll.)
  • Redownload is possible for 30 days after we have you purchase.
  • As downloading of musical piece uses a large quantity of packets, we recommend the use of packet flat rate.
[recommendation of packet flat rate]
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