• gamigagan

    kokuraburii (burakkuraburii) debut!

  • Body Lima Christie

    The woman love Lee third, release decision!

  • ochikobo train piragattan

    Say to decide who is ochikoboressha most to touch end only in train by Yamanote Line game, but ...
    ochikoboressha nihakowai "maintenance" that we lost is waiting!

  • yamatokuku

    The Yamato multiplication table

    It is counting-out rhyme to be able to learn the multiplication table!
    We match music with how to count old numbers called "hifumi", and pretty character tells!

  • Exaggerated pirameki

    When we were troubled, pirameki so asks for pirame!
    You learn dance, and dance together!

  • Wind

    ONARA is not shameful

    When it is hannya, Satoshi Kanada "to play the part of, Pooh" dances para-Para with two gals of lily Pooh & mika Pooh!
    Unit name is woman love Lee.
    Theme "rooters' song to girl controlling her need for wind!"

  • panchi

    You may love Punch

    The woman love Lee second sang feeling to want to punch, and to like to boy of girl!

  • darudaru darling

    To Dal of "darudaru English", there was very pretty lover May! It is song which May sang thought to Dal in.

  • japan

    What soft and fluffy nanda JAPAN

    Which "you do not need to always make clear" "may not let you sometimes get restless" We sing such a splendor of Japan with dance that hannya, fruit punch and mascots show cute!
    To see video (doga); and is dance (odo) rou together!