The lyrics that have been sent are announced very much by "Runner - piramekinobajon ..." everybody!

Meat which blood falling down that X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X that meat that running blood falling down flows is split, and bone is seen runs appears is split, and bone is seen

♪The lyrics that have been sent by everybody♪

  • Entry NО.39 [police man 35 years old]
    Good dream royoa - bayo which is dumped which confesses its love which confesses its love!
  • Entry NО.38 [imaeda 9 years old]
    Have a pain; is hot; is cold; cannot tell what is what
  • Entry NО.37 [yuto 8 years old]
    We are bloody and go to health room, and teacher of health is afraid
  • Entry NО.36 [yosshi 15 years old]
    It is white blood cell such as shu ruyo marshmallow for wound of foot
  • Entry NО.35 [treasure 7 years old]
    As for my ear, cheeks of gyoza da me are takoyaki
  • Entry NО.34 [SIZUKA 13 years old]
    And I got married ten years later since then and came in children
  • Entry NО.33 [zucchini 9 years old]
    Help, and is ignored by all; and DieDieDie
  • Entry NО.32 [karakiryoji 11 years old]
    We will be broken open by wound having a pain in having a pain in
  • Entry NО.31 [false crow 9 years old]
    Look at lion which escaped; is rodeshitatsuzumi after tsuketayobokuno
  • Entry NО.30 [miyuchu 10 years old]
    When even if cry, and cry, do not come; here is uninhabited island
  • Entry NО.29 [mamenwa 8 years old]
    Eat vegetables; vomit; is too bad and is exploded the internal organs
  • Entry NО.28 [tele Jan 9 years old]
    When we assume whole school meeting scene, wind comes out
  • Entry NО.27 [imaeda 8 years old]
    zubbaban! zubbaban! We were sharp, and meat and bone see, and they hate circle
  • Entry NО.26 [yutchi 4 years old]
    Let's absolutely eat lunch with all line kuyo excursions
  • Entry NО.25 [rare 35 years old]
    We take our ease, and dakedo foot is hurt on E birthday, and two Deva kings stand today
  • Entry NО.24 [piramepanda Osaka 8 years old]
  • Entry NО.23 [glory Nagasaki 9 years old]
    Ouch! Ouch! If we had a nightmare and noticed, it was da dream in the morning
  • Entry NО.22 [rikopin Chiba 11 years old]
    We fall under change ndatokinizubongayurukute
  • Entry NО.21 [nonnonnon Kanagawa 11 years old]
    We see we it which is split which is split, and the United States bursts out laughing very much
  • Entry NО.20 [kichi Tokyo 7 years old]
    It is also ... calcium goggle-eyed mask ... ru from ... crack ... entering bone to ... bone
  • Entry NО.19 [rikopin Chiba 11 years old]
    tsubaotsuketenaosuyoiryohisetsuyaku I am great
  • Entry NО.18 [sweetfish sputum Shizuoka 12 years old]
    We ignore all me, and the same return sun goes down
  • Entry NО.17 [kuchun Tottori 7 years old]
    We break a bone and are hospitalized (kossetsushitenyuin)
    We are rejected by favorite girl (we do)
  • Entry NО.16 [grow Tokyo 8 years old]
    We resemble backbone section of a fish of tuna which ate sometime slightly
  • Entry NО.15 [bebechan Chiba 9 years old]
    In addition, we are split like cheese which we fall down, and meat avoids more and more
  • Entry NО.14 [Yuki Kanagawa 9 years old]
    We do not have the courage to return chayakku to be sandwiched in between to put up to put away
  • Entry NО.13 [bebechan Chiba 9 years old]
    We are scared too much, and belch and wind come out at the same time
  • Entry NО.12 [yajusempai Tokyo 6 years old]
    We wet pants in front of makeshift ttagabenkino to house
  • Entry NО.11 [piramemeito Yamanashi 12 years old]
    I who you laugh, and grieve hit you back
  • Entry NО.10 [Mizuta Keisuke Nara 12 years old]
    Still runner who ran continued running without being tired
  • Entry NО.9 [takoshin Hokkaido prefecture 5 years old]
    Why is the sky blue? Why blood of appearing tell
  • Entry NО.8 [thigh of Chiba or 7 sai Chiba 7 years old]
    (1) If is raised sugu several degrees now already ku ki kiro; solution ru
    (2) Do not depend on person from haminna immediate guyo in the morning; preparations shite
    (3) As it is class schedule to belonging, we do not prepare the previous night
  • Entry NО.7 [Amazon Okayama 9 years old]
    And results of science improved when we went to school
  • Entry NО.6 [imaeda Aichi 8 years old]
    But it is restroom that I aim than such a thing!
  • Entry NО.5 [shunchan Saitama 4 years old]
    As for me, man does not cry, let's return to house on foot!
  • Entry NО.4 [ankun Saitama 6 years old]
    Have a pain, cry, help, and call mom, and let's go to doctor!
  • Entry NО.3 [takkun Aichi 6 years old]
  • Entry NО.2 [hono Nagano 8 years old]
    ♪Hospital Hospital rushed and was operated on and was saved♪
  • A lot of entry NО.1 [dragon Chiba 9 years old] others
    Suitable nishujutsushiteshinjatta