Chatty man and woman who can be angry

Saturday night 11:55 broadcast

[MC] Ichiro Koyakata, Shinobu Sakagami, Chihara Jr.

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We are going to broadcast on Saturday, April 7

Hiromi Hori

(mushrooms writer)

"The Japan's most chatty men" called Furutachi, Sakagami, the youth gather!
We meet "dangerous" woman guest and develop unpredictable talk!

Broadcast summary

It is talk variety that three men whom talkative person loves Japan's most invite woman guest who is angry at various things in one of the world to. We develop what kind of ... talk that is unpredictable whether it is that it is developed out of just trifling anger to anger that we cannot take to men of 100 training either


Chihara Jr.
Ichiro Koyakata
Shinobu Sakagami
Yuka Ozaki

We want to go out to studio where there are men to play in guests sometime!
By the way, I am angry at crowded train!

"Being angry" great recruitment of you!

Please tell that "you get angry" at of you that you want Furutachi, Sakagami, the youth to hear! Will three chatty men hear your "anger" in studio?

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