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The highlight

Even if three gluttonous ① gluttony is healthy; ② speed eating for strict prohibition ③ food thanks[performer] MC: Yuji Nakamura
Queen war of this spring becomes fight to select Queen of the new times!
Rookie of the year who fought successfully through district qualifier for New Year holidays to skilled player who fought successfully through Tokyo, qualifier held in Osaka and the last representative deciding match and Okinawa qualifier performed for the first time in history, two people participating as program recommendation, Queen round competed for in nine in total.
Fight became composition called the veteran group with ability origami vs. spirited new face army corps…
Only as for the member letting you feel bottomless power that fought successfully through skilled qualifier where it is prepared, and, however, new face is severe that Class veteran has all the members, final advance experience.
Is it expert as expected to win new Queen? New face?


This dodge that one or two rounds are slightly different so far.
At first "national popular station lunch eating up game!"
Attain a full victory if you eat up ten kinds of station lunches from Hokkaido to Kyushu before time limit! toiumono.

King ex-glutton "giant Shirata" appears as guest here!

Shirata of guest is astonishment in development that one new face jumps to join in in the veteran group eating up station lunch which we collected from all over Japan at awful pace, too?

Fight successfully through the second match if you eat up popular sweets of nine kinds of dream "sweets eating up games" of girl before time!
War idato omoi breath that this is like a dream…There is gluttony King deciding match ancestor.
Sweets of 1 kg of huge pudding ... large quantity attack whole hall cake!

And five people who make a foray into overseas decisive battle after having fought successfully through domestic fight?
Furthermore, it wins the quarterfinals, the semifinals, the final in southern country, and who is it to sparkle in shin*shokujoo?


Tomoko Miyake

[spring of 07 Queen war runner up]
We fall behind nobody by capacity of stomach!
Small giant

Hitomi Sato

[spring of 10 Queen war runner up]
Stamina that continues eating anything till the last is the history!

Miyanishi Asami

[spring of 08 Queen war runner up]
Game is in the latter half and shows
We pay attention to "catch-up of ogre"!

Mika Kuwano

[autumn of 10 supernova war finalist] rookie of the year of 2009 New Year holidays.
We attack with inborn spirit aloud!

Yuko Shoji

[spring of 08 Queen war runner up]
The fifth final contest participation.
We aim at long-cherished first championship!

Nagisa Nakajima

[11 years New Year holidays new face war finalist] influential person who developed great close battle with Nakahashi by new face war of New Year holidays.

Akane Matayoshi

[Okinawa representative]
We broke through the first-ever Okinawa qualifier
Dark horse.

Satoko Nakahashi

[11 years New Year holidays new face war championship]
Power that is wonderful by new face war of New Year holidays
King promising newcomer who showed.

Kume will Kei

[program recommendation]
In qualifier in spite of being new face in the veteran group
Young nova which showed ability not to be inferior to.

Evening of Sunday, April 8 6:35 broadcast!
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