~ Gluttony king deciding match whole country vertical section new Queen excavation war

Friday, January 1, 2010 4:00 p.m.

~ Recruitment of gluttony king deciding match starters!


We perform Niigata, Shiga, local qualifier of Tottori considerably. One representative of each place gathers in Tokyo and challenges Tokyo decisive battle and wins wonderful rookie of the year. Rookie of the year gets the seed right advancing to the spring final contest. Local feature of each place comes up as ingredients in local qualifier and performs ring at sightseeing spot symbolizing prefecture. Does monster really appear?

Oita qualifier

The first match: Local gourmet characterized by texture that ingredients of one round of Oita are baked so as to do lightly, and is fragrant. Representative deciding match: Fisherman meal which is generally eaten following the first match in volume a good Saeki Port is ingredient of international match (the second match) considerably.

Niigata qualifier

The first match: Soybean product which was born in Echigo Tochio is one round of ingredient. Representative deciding match: Luxurious quite appetizing ingredients which one article fully depended on.

Shiga qualifier

Representative deciding match: Deep-fried food cooked using noted product of Shiga is ingredient of Shiga.

Tottori qualifier

Representative deciding match: Oden to want to eat when it became cold. That which can say that it is the most popular in that is ingredient of Tottori qualifier.

Tokyo final election

Temperature rose to 19 degrees in spite of the depth of winters, and, in warm weather, Ayari Sato, also known as Angela Sato who won autumn man and woman mixture war for performed Tokyo decisive battle wonderfully, and shined to Queen rushed to support. Four people who fought successfully through local qualifier develop hot fight in tourist attraction of Tokyo. Speaking of the final, ingredients are those familiar. Game is 45 minutes. Players who begin to eat in voice of start of MC Yuji Nakamura all at once. There is not state that anyone is eager for from beginning, one's own pace. The top eats up the first cup in approximately two minutes. Naturally still more with smile of room vigorously of "another helping" said. It is pace distribution to become important by game for 45 minutes. Because we move up with starting dash type, and there is type, it is readily difficult to attain a full victory with keeping the top, and to do. If time passes this time, is, and is fiercer and fiercer; fought. We must keep an eye on till the last this time. While player that son and husband rushed to support in venue is encouraged by the encouragement, fight out till the last, but the as expected result! It wins rookie of the year, and on earth who is it to participate in spring Queen war?