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Night of Sunday, September 27, 2009 7:00 broadcast


Yuji Nakamura, Ken Watanabe (anjasshu)

<program summary>

Gluttonous pride "loving to eat a lot deliciously" gathers. While, by program, noting safety, handling of food; three gluttony ・ Even if gluttony is healthy ・ Speed eating prohibits strictly ・ For food thanks We put in o mind and compete for way of hearty appetite. The final contest is competed for in eight players. Doctor Nishikawa which established the final of the autumn of last year, new Japanese record of 33 cups of ramen, and shined for first championship in 3 years. But he declared retirement on the spot. In battlefield of king absence, new soldiers show tusk! It is "action for marriage beautiful woman" Watanabe we already fight successfully through summer local qualifier, and to have the final contest participation right in the hand. Skilled players who fought successfully through Tokyo, Osaka qualifier there increase.

The main match

Chairmanship Yuji Nakamura

Main match summary

Eight final contest starters gathered. We deserve to be new generation players, and theme of ingredients "is fresh". Eight players who participated in the final contest finally all present on the morning of the day gathered in garden which there was early in the morning in building group of Tokyo.
Players to challenge again talk pleasantly with rival who met again with expression of room happily. On the other hand, players of final contest first appearance float expression feeling pride on thing that they won and advanced to the next around of to here while floating color of strain to fight in the future. And it is announced where one quarterfinals - final is finally performed by Yuji Nakamura of chairmanship.

Action for marriage Watanabe cannot come
Action for marriage Watanabe cannot come

[summer of 09 new face war championship]
We aim at championship for inborn nature

Angela Sato Ryouri
Angela Sato Ryouri

[spring of 09 Queen war semifinals advance]
We do not match the good looks
We pay attention to daring way of eating

Knight business Takuya Terasaka
Knight business Takuya Terasaka

We appeared in Tokyo qualifier like comet
Mystery influential person

Yuka mokushita**
Yuka mokushita**

[new face war runner up of the summer of 09]
Attack power steadily,
We promise revenge to Watanabe

Russian Hitomi Sato
Russian Hitomi Sato

[spring of 08 Queen war semifinals advance]
We pay attention to the first participation in a year, the first confrontation with Angela Sato

Of normal… Asami Miyanishi
Of normal… Asami Miyanishi

[spring of 08 Queen war runner up]
The ability to become ogre for the game end game is with origami

Ballerina Atsumi Furukawa
Ballerina Atsumi Furukawa

[winter of 08 new face war championship]
Does the first overseas advance become throughout the life?

Drugstore Izumi Koba
Drugstore Izumi Koba

[summer of 08 new face war championship]
We participate in the war from Nagasaki, Goto Islands.
Influential person who burns quiet fighting spirit

First round

It is excellent production center Tsumagoi-mura, Gunma of cabbage we move from Tokyo by bus for approximately approximately three hours, and to have arrived.
Specially made "cabbage roll" that local aunties cook one round of ingredient. The first match that started in kaleyard which spread through one side backed by the magnificent mountains.
Plates which we received for 150 grams are piled up in sequence. Now meeting that expectation does not point out who wins in king absence. Least one person of number that we ate becomes defeat. Nameless new face is mixed and confused, and feature player shows equal fight, too. One person rupturing by first match strangely integrates?

Second round

The second war that was carried out in famous hot spring resort. Game chartered in front of hot water waterfall which we could not readily look at in other hot-spring resorts, and game was performed. Seven people who won the first match face the second match that they follow while eating snacks well while we move to two rounds of meeting places. Two rounds of ingredients are noted products of hometown, too. One dish that fried specialties of fresh collecting length nicely.
150 grams of two were included in one dish, and taste was strange, and salt and sauce were prepared. One dropout is decided after 45-minute game. Certain player takes the top following the first match. Last fight reached fierce o while way of eating to let the arrival of gluttony new age have a foreboding got a lot of looks.

Third round

Even if players face game because they can go abroad if they win in the third match, this performed in hot weather bottom, we seem to be slightly restless. This ingredients right out "Japanese breakfast."
200 grams that topping does "constant seller of breakfast", and there is a lot of to fresh ingredients of kind made newly in 2006. Seemingly it seems to be hard to eat, but nobody cuts down on speed to area in progress for 30 minutes. However, order showed replacement intensely. Last as the gluttonous tactics; when do not become alone, calculate, and may eat. In other words, the situation that we dropped pace when top group was latter half of a game and ate was founded, but dead heat as the situation to compete for this time continued and did not know whom who was late at the top was developed. Which five people is it we win 45-minute exciting game, and to be able to go abroad? Accident happened to a certain player who attracted attention in latter half of a game…!

The quarterfinals

Five people who had ticket to foreign countries in their hand wonderfully.
A certain country which it is named "Europe that is the nearest from Tokyo" that we went, and attracts attention recently.
They enjoyed visiting world heritages or costume play, and players who took rest day of stomach finally faced the quarterfinals all day long. This ingredients are specialite de la maison of this country. Five, 200 grams were included in one dish. Homemade sauce using vegetables which are fresh with one article of shop in business for 34 years tempts the taste buds of players. Chin power which chews, and tears off ingredients seemed to be need, but players put in stomach at surprising speed because they are finished at exquisite doneness softly. One who fell off must work as the staff by fight of the trace. We develop dead heat which is fierce when two late players will not become last! Call of time-up sounded; surprising situation waited for players then!

The semifinals

At night. The semifinals that were carried out backed by flood of beautiful neon light which colored this country.
Spirit of player is enough, too. It is 150 grams of five to one dish. It is ingredient which it is easy to eat which we can eat in one share of one, but expression of players is genuine sword itself. We were thrown into mouth in sequence, and huge tower of tableware which we had finished eating was built before eyes of player. Staying two people hang desperately while two players regarded as favorite play intense top fight. But, one of the favorites has begun to cut down on pace! Other players to harass taking the opportunity. Game shows hot development until short notice when 45 minutes are over. One falls off on final one step this side.

The final

Speaking of the final, familiar ingredients called "that" come up this time. But, special ingredients materials unusual this time…. What kind of influence does this have on fight of players?….
New king who finally carries the next generation of gluttony world from three players who stayed till the last is born. The situation that who can become king as far as we see past game development.
60 minutes first in time limit. Three people who show way of eating that is as good as giant Shirata, past star players such as Gal Sone! And miraculous great record that nobody expected…!

Osaka qualifier

The first match

As for first ho to the autumn final contest, the qualifier meet, the inside where sunlight of midsummer poured into in Osaka began. Osaka Niina thing that 100 grams, taste are heavy as for one dish of ingredient of the first match carried out backed by Osaka-jo Castle. When 45-minute game begins in time limit; than ingredients as for the enemy of player in front heat of midsummer. We developed game for 45 minutes while suffering from the heat. One player who ate most gets the participation right to the final contest.

The second match

Player of second place - fourth place performs further game in the first match. As for the ingredients of the second match that moves place of decisive battle to popular theme park "Universal Studios Japan" of Osaka, and was performed, children are specialite de la maison in garden of delight, too. 45 minutes when one cup of 300 grams and volume were plentiful and played. One player who ate most gets the participation right to the final contest.

Tokyo qualifier

The first match

The stage is Yokohama Chinatown. Face of noted product players who participated in the past final contest in one of players who supposed ingredients from atmosphere of meeting place here and there.
45-minute game that finally started.
Design that players have a hard fight as for this ingredients which are in the bloom of one dish of four, and were served to 120 grams when they eat if the inside of mouth becomes painful.
It is said that one of the players with final contest participation experience found method to be easy to eat on the way, and to eat.
Final contest starters putting plate with even dignified presence.
But totally nameless new face man has begun to threaten influential players!
One person who ate most is final contest participation. Having obtained the seat as expected?

The second match

Two rounds of Tokyo qualifiers were carried out backed by tourist attraction, Tokyo Tower right in tourist attraction of Tokyo lighted up beautifully. One dish of 300 grams. One article that this ingredients are creamy, and is quite heavy. It is ingredient which seems to torment glutton, but how long can you eat?
One person who ate most becomes final contest participation. No player handed over one step, and great exciting game that the top was replaced steadily was developed.

The last representative deciding match

Rookie that future was anticipated got the final contest participation right in form called program recommendation by one person each from Tokyo, Osaka. It is zan ruha one in this. We run the last seat, and two players challenge man game in Thailand. Ingredients are western dishes of extreme popularity at long-established store of Nihonbashi. Time limit is 45 minutes. It is two people of delight, but oil content bends over stomach of player in well-established taste heavily before long.
Which player is it as expected that we eat more, and get the last final contest participation right?

Night of Sunday, September 27 7:00