Saturday, June 28 12:30 p.m. program "ancestor! New face war general host of gluttony king deciding match summer: Yuji Nakamura
This qualifier held only in women was held in Sapporo, Nagasaki, Nagano, Toyama.
We develop fight of district qualifier that Sapporo, Nagasaki, Nagano, courageous men of Toyama do entry, and became fierce battle!
Four people who fought successfully through qualifier in total participate in the final in Tokyo where they hung the participation right to the main match to be carried out in autumn!
It fights successfully through fierce battle, and who is it as expected to get the challenge right to "witch, Sugawara?"

<Sapporo qualifier>
●Okurayama jump sports stadium where the first match ... venue became stage of Winter Olympics Sapporo meeting of 1972. toaru "fried food" that ingredients are familiar burning hot Jushi in Hokkaido. Overcoming fatness and spicy sao, and acquiring seat of representative from Sapporo?
(in ※ Sapporo only as for the first match)

<Nagasaki qualifier>
●Park among canals full of the sea and exoticism that venue of the first match ... one round is scenic. Ship which entered Nagasaki Port was performed at place that we could look at close. One article that the softness that stewed ingredients of specialty of Nagasaki to soft dough slowly and carefully put the best tasteful ingredients between. Player who makes demonstration of force of wonder here! Three high ranks advance in the second match.
●Ingredients of the second match performed in park where the gate of brick-colored luxurious tiled roof which is close to the second match ... Chinatown Area Chinatown stands are seafood and plenty of vegetables! This approaching by the large volume of one dish of 300 grams is specialty of Nagasaki. Can player who made demonstration of force of wonder in the first match be really representative without stalling?

<Nagano qualifier>
●"Kawanakajima historic battleground" where the first match ... Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi developed single combat. It is right the stage appropriate for ring. One article using seasoning "ultimate miso" of well-established shop founded as for the ingredients in 1902. Nature lets you mature, and, as for this miso, domestic nature Haiyan, soybean and rice of special cultivation are made with raw materials and thu pail which did. One article of highest point that soaks this, and was baked is one round of ingredient.
●The second match that was carried out at restaurant in hill which could overlook city area of the second match ... Nagano. One article that finished the best Shinshu beef by the delicate skill as for the ingredients. The softness and deep taste that seem to melt away are the history, but add to weight as they keep eating…As expected Representative Nagano in hand of anyone?

<Toyama qualifier>
●Seafood with specialty of the first match ... Toyama is theme of ingredients. It is performed in fishing port which is proud of first gyokaku髙 in Toyama. Because fishing ground is near very much, and this fishing port hangs seafood produced in the morning to Japanese parsley at 1:00 p.m. of the sun, is fishing port of reputation from local person. One article that finished seafood of virginity itself with splendid craftsmanship as for this ingredients.
(in ※ Toyama only as for the first match)

<the Tokyo final>  The stage of the final for the autumn main match
Shop close to Nishiwaseda where Fukutoshin Line was opened as for the final being carried out. Atmosphere that is stylish in concept in "we let even woman casually" as for the interior based on work of willow sect village. That which is familiar let alone ingredients! It fights successfully through fierce battle, and which local player is it as expected to get the final contest participation right quickly? And does new monster having force to defeat "witch Sugawara" appear?

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